13 Reasons why United Airlines is Awful & the Rest of the US Airline Industry Too!

Published on May 2, 2017 by Chris

Sharing my thoughts on why United Airlines and the rest of the American Airline Industry is awful. The forced removal of a passenger from United Airlines 3411 from Louisville to Kentucky has put a fine point on this issue, but there are many other reasons why United and the rest of the American Airlines are bad. In this video I share 13 reasons.

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Show Notes:

Not treated like a person – treated like a wallet
In order to be treated like a human, need their credit card, and their elite program
Flight attendants just for your safety
Boarding Process treated like cattle
Charging for everything
Too quick from landing to next take-off
Cleanliness on the plane
In plane food
US Airports
No water through security? Really?
Us — the consumers


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