20 Reasons to Travel to Seoul in South Korea

Published on September 11, 2018 by Chris

I just came back from Seoul, and wanted to share 20 reasons that you should consider going to Seoul! From the food, the culture, to the history, to amazing high-tech and modern skyscrapers there are tons of reasons to visit Seoul! EXPAND DESCRIPTION FOR MORE!

1 – Korean BBQ
Where they grill it for you
2 – If you like spicy food
3 – If you like all you can veggies
4 – Street food
– But only if you have a strong stomach
5 – Shaved ice
6 – Starbucks
7 – American chains with unique menu items
8 – Visiting Old Asian Palaces
9 – Wearing Hanbok
10 – Modern city but still very old asian
– If you like Kyoto you’ll like here
11 – Kpop
12 – Korean Drama
13 – Sappy things (couple t-shirts, couple subway cards, love locks)
14 – Korean Cosmetics
15 – Girls clothes
16 – Custom made suits for guys
17 – You’ll always be connected
– In the Subway or at the DMZ
18 – Taxis are cheap
19 – To visit the DMZ
– The only “safe” way to visit North Korea
20 – Inexpensive hotels
– Relatively, compared to Tokyo or Zurich

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