🔴LIVE: How to choose the best luggage? With Live Q+A

Published on March 28, 2017 by Chris

Choosing luggage can be a difficult task! In this video I’ll tel you what things to consider to buy the perfect suitcase for you! I’ll start with some general considerations, followed by a comparison of the major luggage brands, and conclude by showing you what suitcases I use to fly over 100,000 miles every year.

Brands: Samsonite, Travelpro, Rimowa, Tumi, Briggs and Riley

Size — It needs to fit —
– International Carryon
– Domestic Carryon
– Will you be riding trains?
– Can you carry it all yourself?
– What about up a staircase?

2 Wheels, 4 Wheels, Backpack, Duffel Bag, Collapsible

If it’s a suitcase, nylon, or hard-side. Outside pockets or not?

Do you want to stack another bag on top of it?

Is weight an issue?

Do you like the color?

Do you want it to look like everybody else’s?

Are you making a statement with a Louis Vuitton bag (like please steal me!)

Antitheft technology

Hows does the bag open?

What’s the warranty like?

Where do you have to get it repaired? Ship it back or take it to a store.

Brands: It’s like they say in real estate, location location location. I say Rimowa Rimowa Rimowa.

Next time — How I pack?


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