10 Best Places to go in the USA for BBQ

Published on August 6, 2017 by Chris

The 10 best places in the USA to go for delicious BBQ with special co-host Jack Yuan. In this very special live stream we’ll be eating some of Jack’s famous pulled Pork, recipe coming soon, and we’ll be talking about one of our favorite food categories, Barbeque! The United States has many different types of BBQ that developed in various regions across the country. We’ll give you a quick history of BBQ in the USA, and then start down our list of best travel spots for BBQ. WE ARE ALSO GIVING AWAY A T-SHIRT! The t-shirt will be given to the best question asked during the live stream, as decided by the contest judge, Jack. And you’ve got to be online at the end when we say your name! —– EXPAND THE DESCRIPTION FOR FULL TABLE OF CONTENTS —–

Table of contents:
Meet Jack & Jack’s Pulled Pork
History of Barbeque in the USA
1. Carolinas
2. St. Louis Missouri
3. Kansas City Missouri
4. Austin Texas
Franklin BBQ
5. San Antonio Texas
6. Dallas Texas
7. Memphis Tennessee
8. San Diego
Phils BBQ — Second most reviewed on yelp in all of the US
9. San Luis Obispo
Pappys Smokehouse (Ribs)
10. You’ll just have to wait and see!


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