13 Ways Air Travel Will Be Different After the Pandemic

Published on March 31, 2020 by Chris

The travel industry has taken a huge hit due to the virus pandemic and passenger levels are at an all time low. When people really start flying again, what will air travel look like? It will certainly be different than it was before. More protective equipment, more temperature checks, more health screenings…..

1. More protective equipment for airline and airport staff
as of April 1, 2020, flight crews in Taiwan will be provided with protective gear, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).
surgical masks, goggles, protective clothing, and gloves

2. More temperature checks
Singapore created the world’s first infrared-based mass temperature screening system in 2003 in response to SARS. Don’t have to take temperature individually.

Today they are using a smartphone fitted with thermal and 3D laser cameras to detect the forehead temperature of individuals walking by, even if they are wearing spectacles, surgical masks or headgear. The device, which can measure temperature up to a distance of 3m away, will generate an alert when someone with a fever walks by it, prompting staff to carry out secondary checks.

Arriving in Japan they have the same thing.

When we arrived in to LAX coming back from Japan in February… no temperature checks… just signs that said if you feel unwell to please call a doctor. Wow.

3. More secondary health screening

4. More passengers being concerned about cleanliness
People disinfecting their seat
More masks

5. Prepackaged food service
More bottled drinks and packaged foods.
Things that airlines do in the name of saving money aren’t good for health… for example, please don’t open my can of soda to just pour me a cup.

Longer rest times for crew between international flights

6. Cheaper tickets at first
They’ll want to fill those seats… and people will get back to traveling slowly.
In March of 2019 an average day saw 2 million US air travelers.
In March of 2020 that number was 200,000
Jetblue currently has $13 flights from Florida to LAX

7. Routes will be slow to come back
Because demand will be low, but also because government restrictions will remain. There will be a tendency to keep borders closed longer than necessary.

8. More expensive tickets later
Airlines lost alot of money
But worse service… Expect Airline Lounges to be closed for awhile.

9. Long term: Less focus on packing more seats in

10. More quarantines (electronic tracking)
If you traveled here… you can’t go here in 14 days. Where you traveled being shared electronically. More electronic VISA requirements. Governments quicker to ban travel from virus hot spots. Electronic Leg Braces like HK?

11. Electronic Immunization Records
Don’t have a COVID-19 vaccination? You can’t fly. Not just my idea… Bill Gates says this is very likely.

12. Increased cleaning of the lavatory

13. Get rid of those nasty seat pockets
Mesh is best


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