15 Things I Love & Hate Traveling to Hawaii

Published on April 11, 2017 by Chris

15 things that I love and hate when I’m traveling to Hawaii. Hawaii is a great beach paradise, but it’s not the PERFECT paradise.

Things I Love:

– Pristine
– Beautiful White Clean sand
– No seaweed

People are super nice
– And laid back
– Pidgin English

– Poke
– Garlic Shrimp
– Shave Ice
– Katsu
– Plate Lunches
– Steamed Rice – Mac Salad
– Spam Musubi
– Pancakes
– interesting Asian fusion Food
– United State of Asia after all

Fire Dancing

Polynesian Dancing

No Snakes


– It’s like 200% Humidity almost all the time

Your friends and coworkers going to get Jealous
– Especially with that new tan
– Need to keep a secret

Coral and Lava Rock

Island Fever
– You sort of run out of new stuff to do if you’re there a long time
– You better really like the beach

Mosquitoes and Bugs

– In Oahu it’s awful

Petty Theft
– Tourists bring petty theft

So far away from everything
– 6 hour flight minimum from anywhere

Grocery prices
– Milk, OJ, etc, crazy!


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