15 Worst Travel Pet Peeves

Published on February 13, 2018 by Chris

Seeing the world is amazing, but sometimes the journey can be really annoying! I share my list of the top 15 WORST things that annoy me about traveling. These things really bug me! I’ll start by talking about pet peeves at airports, then annoyances from planes, hotels, transportation, and finally just out and about at a destination. This idea came from Yellow Productions subscriber socalseth! Thanks Seth for the idea, and some of the starter annoyances!

— Airports —
1 – Security Check
= People trying to sneak things thru tsa
= Or the person that tries to go thru tsa with the Mr T starter set worth of jewelry
= Passengers who neglect to push their luggage through the TSA scanner
= TSA in general — smile more dudes
= CBP at passport control — I’m not a terrorist — how about a welcome home?
= Security announcements about not leaving bags unattended — I know already!
= When the Pre Check line is longer than the regular line
2 – Lines
= When the elite line is longer than the regular line
= People who pretend the line doesn’t apply to them
= Gate “lice” — Oh.. I’m not in boarding group 1?
= Standing right next to the baggage claim belt
3 – Check in
= Self check-in machines that don’t work
= Airlines that don’t open check-in until 2 hours before

4 – Airport shops
= $4 extortion priced water — In japan they have water check machines
= Airport food
= Airline lounges that are “full”
5 – Delays
Flights that are delayed endlessly — if my plane isn’t here and it’s departure time, maybe you should announce a delay

— Planes —
6 – Odor
= too much perfume (Seth)
= body odor is terrible — in general odor, and feet
= Bringing Smelly food on the plane
7 – Lack of etiquette
= Rudeness
= parents that don’t manage their kids well
= obviously had too much to drink
= Arm rest hog
= Full seat recline immediately without looking
= Dressing like nobody else is on the plane with you
8 – Boarding and deplaning
= Bringing too much stuff on the plane
= Not being ready
= Unpacking their whole suitcase on the plane
= Asking me to switch seats
= Exit row by row

— Hotels —
9 – Front Desk
= The check-in line that never ends
= Check out is at 11am when you checked in at 1am
10 – Fees
= Resort fees
= Parking fees (If I pay, the valet should be FAST!)
= Wifi Fees (If I pay, the wifi should be BLAZING! And 2 devices???)
11 – Rooms
Noisy A/C — particularly inconsistent
Rooms that are too hot
Ticking clocks
Dripping sinks
things you hear thru thin hotel walls!
Doors that slam (and people who slam them)
Or when you hear elephants walking upstairs
Loud people in hallways
Or trains through windows

— Transportation —
12- Rental Cars
= Shuttles that are hot and stuffy
= Rental Car: The upsell on everything
= Bad car smell in general, and of smoke
= Dirty windshields, mirrors
= Headlights that don’t work (yes, this has happened to me)
= Trunks that are full of water (yes, this too)
= Parking meters that only take coins. It’s 2018 already!
13 – Trains and Subway
= Trains that are late!
= NYC Subway entrances for a certain direction
= Subway: People who can’t wait for you to get off before they get on

14 – Out and about:
Selfie sticks
Pictures with Ipads
VIdeo with ipad

15 – Rudeness
= People who feel they are “super special” — “Do you know who I am?”
Travel Forums
Leaving trash everywhere. Pick up your crap!
Ugly Americans

And finally just because I really hate FEES:
Hidden Fees for everything!
Baggage fees, Resorts fees, etc, etc, etc!


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