19 Most Disappointing Tourist Attractions in the USA

Published on September 10, 2019 by Chris

The 19 most disappointing tourist attractions in the USA. The USA is home to many amazing tourist attractions that are famous around the world, but not all of them are worth the hype. I share the big attractions that I was the most disappointed with when I visited them.

1 – Hollywood Boulevard
You’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve seen it on TV. Glitz, glamour, gold, and movie stars right? Nope! Crappy souvenir shops, adult stores, and beggars galore.

2 – Hiking to the Hollywood Sign
It’s really not anymore impressive from behind or above. You can’t really get that close.

3 – Malibu
Home to the stars, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres, and more! Yeah, it’s beautiful… but the beaches are hard to get to. Not much to do, and even less to eat.

4 – Disney’s California Adventure
The 2nd theme park at Walt Disney’s Original theme park location in Anaheim. It’s just not as magical as Disneyland.. Especially with Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, DCA just got lamer.

5 – The Beaches of California
For spring break, or even in May and June. Cold Water… and the thick marine layer in May & June. The water really isn’t clear.
July-September are when you want to go.

6 – San Francisco
A classic American city that has really lot’s it’s magic. Rundown, dirty, aggressive homeless population, and poop on the street.

7 – Tijuana
Just south of San Diego. I often get asked if Tijuana is worth a visit when you come to San Diego. And to that I respond with a swift “No.” Visit Ensenada instead.

8 – Whale Watching
I get asked about this for visitors to California as well. More like ocean staring. Visit Sea World or an Aquarium instead.

9 – Times Square
Like Hollywood Blvd, you’ve SEEN Times Square. It looks big, it looks magical, it looks amazing! It’s small, and once you get there… there isn’t much to do there, other than look up at the lights, and move on.

10 – Central Park
It’s a big park. For NYC residents I’m sure it’s amazing… but there are better parks in this world.

11 – The Empire State Building
It’s famous! Long lines to go through the security check and take the elevator up. And you can’t see the Empire State Building itself when you’re on top of it. It used to be tall… but not so much anymore. Visit the Top of the Rock or the new WTC Observatory

12 – Liberty Bell
Long lines to see a bell with a crack in it.

13 – Cheesesteak in Philly
Unlike New York Pizza, I don’t think there’s anything magical about Cheessteaks in Philly.

14 – The White House
It’s so small.. and the protestors. So many police.

15 – The Beaches of Florida
Particularly Ft Lauderdale

16 – Waikiki Beach
Crowded and not peaceful

17 – Chicago’s Magnificent Mile
A one mile stretch of Michigan Avenue.. just seemed like a bunch of shops and restaurants to me.

18 – Four Corners
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet. A plaque and some flags.

19 – Las Vegas Shows
Particularly the broadway shows in Vegas, they are typically shortened in length for Vegas.


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