20 Misconceptions about Taiwan

Published on March 27, 2018 by Chris

Debunking 20 misconceptions about Taiwan. Taiwan is a great place to travel and visit. Lots of great food and world famous night markets. But don’t come to Taiwan looking for Thai food!
1 – Taiwan is the same as Thailand
Taiwan: Formosa — Name from portuguese ship — Isla Formosa means beautiful Island
Name Taiwan comes from the Dutch in the 17th century from Tayouan – Comes from the Aboriginal Language

2 – Taiwan is the same as China
Mainland China is known as the “People’s Republic of China”
Taiwan is known as the “Republic of China” [It’s on their passports]
Complicated political issue that could be a video of it’s own
a friendly and hospitable culture influenced by the Chinese, but also by Japanese, European, American and local Aboriginal cultures.

3 – People from Taiwan are Thai
People from Taiwan are Taiwanese
Many residents of Taiwan are Aboriginals
More closely related to Polynesians
People from Thailand are Thai
Nor are they “Chinese” either — although they may be of “Chinese” decent

4 – Taiwan is a tiny island that not worth stopping by
Yes, it’s small. Delaware and Maryland combined, or about the size of The Netherlands.
But small doesn’t mean boring.
It’s vibrant and cheap with some of the greatest food on earth. People are super friendly.
cosmopolitan cities, ancient temples, beautiful beaches, lush mountains, and dramatic river gorges
Streets are lined with noodle shops and traditional teahouses next to Starbucks, 7-Elevens, shiny shopping malls, big-name hotels

5 – Bangkok is in Taiwan
The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
Taipei 101 was the world’s tallest building until 2009

6 – Nobody goes to Taiwan
11 Million Visitors in 2017
4 Million, Overseas Chinese
2 Million, Japan
1 Million, Korea
1 Million, Southeast Asia
500K, USA
400K, Europe
Being a “visitor” can be intriguing to the locals

7 – Pad Thai is from Taiwan
Pad Thai is from Thailand

8 – Taiwanese food is bizarre or disgusting
Snake, Turtle, Pigs Blood Cake
Stinky Tofu
Taiwan has long enjoyed a reputation as having the finest food in Northeast Asia

9 – Taiwanese speak Thai
The official language is Mandarin, though Taiwanese is having a resurgence

10 – Taiwan uses the same writing system as China
China uses simplified Chinese
Taiwan is the last country using traditional Chinese

11 – Tuk-tuks are a form of transport in Taiwan
But there are LOTS of scooters!

12 – Taiwanese eat egg-rolls and fortune cookies
Those are American Things
The fortune Cookie was invented in San Francisco — by Japanese
The egg roll (deep fried) is really american
The Taiwanese “egg roll” is a breakfast food, it’s like rolled scrambled egg.

13 – Taiwan is tropical
That’s Thailand, much closer to the equator, hot and humid all year
Taiwan actually gets cold!

14 – You will starve if you can’t use chopsticks
It is the 21st century — they have spoons and forks over there

15 – Taiwan is all factories and technology parks
Yes its reputation is “Made in Taiwan” — and you are probably watching this on a device that is Made in Taiwan, or certainly composed of some parts from Taiwan
It’s original name is “Formosa” — or the beautiful Island. Lots of greenery.

16 – Taiwan is totally flat
Taiwan is mostly mountains. More than 280 peaks rise past 3,000 meters above sea level. Northeast Asia’s highest peak stands 3,952 meters in southern Taiwan and you can climb it. Few factories scale the mountains. The topography has spawned instead a small leisure industry ideal for cycling, boutique agriculture and weekend retreats.

17 – Nobody in Taiwan speaks English
Outside of Taipei maybe
But in Taipei almost everybody speaks some english
MRT everything is in english

18 – Where’s my connecting flight to Phuket?

19 – There’s nothing worth seeing in Taiwan
Actually there’s lots to see
Taroko Gorge
National Palace Museum — more Asian art here than in Mainland China
Jade Cabbage and Pork

20 – Taipei is in Thailand
It’s not… Taipei is in Taiwan


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