Amazing Red Tide Bioluminescent Waves at La Jolla

Published on September 30, 2011 by Chris

Amazing blue glowing waves at La Jolla Shores beach caused by the red tide that hit San Diego on September 29, 2011. The bright blue color is caused by bioluminescence from an algae bloom. The algae is red in the day, hence the name Red Tide, but glows a bright blue at night when agitated, such as when a wave breaks. It’s a really awesome sight to see…. when people swim in the water, the entire water around them glows blue. Truly amazing!

No color correction was made to this video…. This is really the color of the waves. The wave in the middle is in slow motion.

And just as a side note — it is really difficult to get video of these waves. They seem pretty bright in person, but video cameras just have a hard time picking it up and focusing. Only took me about 90 minutes at the beach to get this 16 seconds of good footage :). Going to try again tomorrow by going in the water and see if I can get some close-ups.

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