Australia vs USA: 20 Differences

Published on September 26, 2017 by Chris

20 Differences between Australia and the USA. I recently spent 2 weeks in Australia, and in many ways it seems similar to the USA, but the things that are different definitely stand out! EXPAND DESCRIPTION FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS. I share some of the things that I found to be most different between Australia and the USA. As an American, I had a view of Australia being like what I’ve seen in the Crocodile Dundee movies… and well… not everybody in Australia carries a huge knife!

1 – Australian English
Parking Lot – Car Park
Opening Hours – Trading Hours
Pot/Pint of Beer – Small Glass or Big Glass
Jumper – Jacket
lollis – hard candies
Bloke – guy
Mate – friend
No worries – no problem
Uni – University
Maccas – Mcdonalds
Sunnies – sunglasses
Brekkie – breakfast
Roo – Kangaroo
2 – Store Hours
Stores in Australia seem to have really early closing hours
3 – Paying at restaurants
In Australia it is often at the front of the store, not with the server
4 – Tipping
No tipping in Australia
5 – Paper money in different sizes
From small to big based on currency
And there aren’t any pennies in Australia
5 cents is the smallest coin
6 – Prices include Tax
I quite like this one
7 – Credit card fees are Rampant
Taxis charge extra for using a credit card
8 – Cars drive on the left instead of the right
But people don’t seem to walk on the left instead of the right
Sidewalk Chaos!
No turn on red
9 – Dates are reversed
Day then month instead of Month then Day
10 – Imperial vs Metric
Celsius vs Fahrenheit
Miles vs Kilometers
11 – Way more south Asian Food
Singaporean & Malaysian food is plentiful in Australia
12 – Knife and Fork etiquette
Australians keep their knife and the fork held all the time
13 – Coffee
Australian coffee is espresso based
Much stronger than American coffee
14 – Summer vs Winter
Seasons are reversed
I left a heat wave in California to arrive to 1 Degree C in Australia
15 – Sports
Australians love their sports!
Australian Rules Football – Footy – Circle Court
Multiple teams to a city
No ‘college’ sports
16 – Australian Calendar starts on Monday
Makes sense — it’s the beginning of the work week
Why does the US Calendar start on Sunday?
17 – Power outlets
I’ve never seen Australian power outlets anywhere else
18 – Much more water conscious
Australians are taught to only take 3 minute showers
And most toilets have 2 buttons, light flush and big flush
19 – Electric Tea Kettles
Push a button and the water gets hot!
No stove required!
20 – Population Size
For about the same size as the continental US, Australia has way less people
Australian Population: 23 Million
USA Population: 323 Million

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