Frequently Asked Questions about Yellow Productions

Published on February 7, 2019 by Chris

Answers to the top 20 most frequently asked questions on Yellow Productions video.Want to know more about what makes me tick? Or why I travel with a stuffed panda? Watch to find out!

1 – How do you travel so much? How do you afford to travel so much?

2 – Do you do this full time?

3 – How much does Youtube pay you?

4 – Who travels with you? Who holds the camera?
This also answers “Are you married?”

5 – What kind of camera/microphone do you use?

6 – What editing software do you use?

7 – What is your favorite travel destination?

8 – What’s your favorite food?

9 – Do you live in Las Vegas/Japan/Hawaii/etc? Or Where do you live?

10 – Do you speak any other languages?

11 – I’m going to Las Vegas/Japan/Hawaii, do you have any more recommendations?

12 – Can you do a video on the Philippines/Cuba/India? When are you going to Indonesia? Where are you going next?

13 – Can I hire you for a private tour?

14 – What is your favorite airline? Hotel Chain?

15 – Do you fly biz or economy?

16 – What’s the room rate at the hotel in this review?

17 – What’s your favorite Disney Theme Park?

18 – Should I buy a JR Pass? Is it worth it?

19 – Why is it called Yellow Productions?

20 – What’s the deal with the Panda?


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