How to Pack Like a Professional Traveler: 20 Tips From a Pro

Published on October 1, 2019 by Chris

Tips on choosing luggage, compression gear, maximizing limited travel space, and more! All from a professional traveler to help you pack for your next trip! It starts with choosing the correct suitcase, backpack, or bag for the length of your trip and mode of transport. Then it’s about packing what you need based on the weather and your intended travel activities, and not any more than that. It’s definitely easier than it sounds.

My recommended travel bags:
Rimowa Original Collection:
TravelPro Luggage Crew 22″ Rollaboard:
TravelPro Carry-on Stacking Tote:
Jansport Odyssey Backpack:
Pacsafe LS250 Anti-theft Shoulder Bag:

My recommended travel accessories:
Eagle Creek Packing Cubes:
Eagle Creek Garment Folder:
Eagle Creek Shoe Bags:
Downy Wrinkle Release Spray:

1 – Think about your trip
How many days are you going?
Are you doing laundry?
Can you buy some necessities there?
What mode of transportation will you be taking?
Are you staying in one hotel, or many?
Can you buy stuff you need there? Or is it the middle of nowhere?

2 – Pick your containers
Carry on
Check in case
Day Bag

Roller bag
2 wheels
4 wheels

Stacking bags

3 – Check the weather
Winter is the hardest.. Winter clothes are bulky
Layers . You can wear the outer layers over again
Just change out the undershirts/thermals

Summer: Quick dry clothes
Pants that convert to shorts

Beach — bring some sandals. Hot sand can burn your feet.

4 – Plan what you pack
Day by day, think about what you’re going to wear
Some people like to have a checklist

5 – Always bring one extra pair of underwear and socks in your carry-on

6 – Leave extra room
Room for your souvenirs… and your dirty laundry has a way of expanding
Maybe think about bringing things you can throw away as you go

7 – Don’t pack too many things “just in case”
Except an umbrella

8 – Packing Cubes
I don’t like vacuum bags

9 – Roll your clothes

10 – Wrinkle Releaser

11 – Steam when you take a shower

12 – Folding packing for shirts

13 – Or get it folded from the dry cleaner

14 – Those plastic laundry bags help keep away wrinkles

15 – Shoe bags
(Pack socks in your shoes for extra room)
Don’t wear those knee high boots to the airport… you’ll be going through security
Leave your jewelry and metal somewhere else

16 – Toiletry bag
Keep it stocked for travel
Everything you need in travel size
3 oz containers… not big containers with only 3 oz
Liquids in its own bag (1 liter)
Nothing sharp
Got big liquids? Check them in.
Important medicines? Keep them in your carryon

17 – Electronics Bag
Keep this in your carry-on
No lithium batteries in check in

18- Extra plastic bags
Big ones for dirty clothes
Zip lock for food

19- Do something so your suitcase stands out…
No so that you can find it… but so that other people don’t mistake it as theirs

20- Leaving your destination.. make sure you don’t have any fruit.


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