My worst hotel experiences ever!

Published on June 13, 2017 by Chris

Over my travels I’ve stayed in many hotels… some great, some mediocre, and some just awful. In this live stream I’ll be sharing with you some of my WORST hotel experiences!

My worst hotel experiences
1- St Tropez Las Vegas
2- Hotel Montery Osaka
3- Hotel in Copenhagen (no A.C. and busy street)
4- K hotel Taipei (next to elevator)
5- Fairfield New York (no water pressure)
6- Hotel in Catalina (stale donuts for breakfast)
7- Hotel in Big Bear (boutique motel)
8- Lodge in Portland (squeaky hallways)
9- Hotel New Yokosuka (Lady yelling in the hallway)
10- Hotel in Sapporo (no room around bed – Literaly had to climb over one another)
11- Hotel in Sendai (Next to pedestrian crossing buzzer)
12- Hot Spring Hotel in Japan (No A/C at a hot spring)
13- Residence Inn Redondo Beach ( Next to freeway )


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