Top 12 Reasons to Visit London

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I just got back from London and wanted to share the top 12 reasons that YOU should consider visiting London for your next trip. London is one of the world’s great cities, with amazing shopping, royal culture, and of course high tea! And best of all, London is CHEAP right now, with BREXIT coming up the Great British Pound is at all time lows.

1 – Cheap right now

Well.. more like less expensive than usual.

2 – English

You want to go to Europe but are afraid of the language barrier.

Though the British accent may seem like a different language. Everything

3 – Food

It’s actually pretty good. But not the British food. Except Breakfast and meat pies.
Indian food (Dishoom). Malaysian.

4 – Stories

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Paddington Bear, Sherlock, Mary Poppins, BBC shows too many to list

5 – Royalty

Buckingham Palace in Sumner

6 – Gloomy Weather

7 – High End Shopping

The department store and high end designers are in style

8 – Street Markets

Unique style that isnt junk.

9 – Tea

And Scones!

10 – Museums

Most of them are free

11 – Tube

12 – Theatre District

And the street performers are talented too

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