Travel New York City: 16 Things I Love & Hate in NYC

Published on March 18, 2017 by Chris

New York City is a “must-visit” travel destination. In this video I share 16 things I love, and hate about visiting NYC. Expand the description for more info.

Things I love about New York City:

– Choices galore
– Pizza by the slice
– Pastrami
Cart food
– Halal Guys
– 24 hours a day
New Stores from around the world
– Muji
– Uniqlo
– Laduree
– Ippudo Ramen
– Soho
– Walking on a movie set
– Grand Central Station

Things I Hate about New York City:
– There are 3 airports and they are all awful. Expensive to get to the city.
– old, rundown, dirty,rats, windy
– only north and south
– confusing
– entrance only to one side of the subway

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores
– There aren’t any.. Walgreens and CVS are the most “convenient”

– Long lines for restaurants and attractions

Hotel prices:
– Sky high hotel prices particularly in the Spring Summer
– Come in Winter if you want cheap

Crazy taxi drivers

– Too cold
– Too hot

Filthy — Trash on streets

Everybody’s in a rush.
– Don’t block the sidewalk or you might get run over.

Lack of Public Toilets


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