Travel Vocabulary: Frequent Flyer Lingo

Published on July 4, 2017 by Chris

The world of travel has an interesting vocabulary. There are lots of terms like what is a “Direct” flight vs a “Non-Stop” flight that often confuse travelers! In this video I’ll explain 20 frequently used travel terms and what the meaning of each phrase is.

1- Direct vs Non Stop

2- Thru Passenger; Passenger on a direct flight that isnt getting off at the stopping point

3- Connection – Domestic less than 4 hours, International less than 24 hours

4- Illegal Connection – minimum connect time too short

5- Stop Over: stay in a connection city for greater than 24 hours and less than the duration of your trip

6- Airline Alliance: Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and Oneworld

7- Long Haul Flight (Ultra Long Haul): – Considerable time, distance, and Jet lag

8- Short Haul: Opposite of Long Haul: Most low cost carriers fly here

9- Open Jaw – Depart from a different airport than the one landed in.
The open jaw needs to be within the same region (which is defined by each airline’s program).
The unflown segment needs to be shorter than the distance of the flown segments.

10 – Split ticketing: Round trip made of two one way tickets

11 – Red-Eye flight: Typically an overnight flight. Your eyes will be red cause you’re tired

12 – Irregular Operations: Weather delays, flight cancel, equipment change

13 – Bump: VDB and IVDB

14 – SSSS – Selected for Secondary Security Screening

15 – Mileage Run

16- CPM – Cents per mile

17- Hard Product: Physical offering like planes

18- Soft Product – customer service, boarding, flight attendants, food, etc

19- Miles: Actual Miles, Premier/Elite Miles, Award Miles

20- FOC: Dreaded Disease.. Fear of Coach!

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