VidCon 2018 Exhibit Hall Walkabout in 4K

Published on June 23, 2018 by Chris

A 4K walk-through of the VidCon 2018 Expo Hall showing every booth on the exhibit hall floor. This is a redo of my live stream since the convention center wifi was completely lousy. This was filmed on Friday, day 2 of VidCon 2018. Vidcon, the annual conference for online video is in it’s 9th year in the US. The expo Hall is a mix of vendors that appeal to video creators and video fans. You might wonder why isn’t it just called YouTube Con? Because online video is more than just YouTube, but also Facebook and Instagram, and actually I think one of the coolest booths this year was the Facebook Watch booth. Instagram also announced IG TV this year — but that booth was not nearly as cool as the Facebook booth. Youtube, interestingly enough, has no booth.


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