VidCon 2019 Summary: 10 Things to Know to Succeed on Youtube

Published on July 16, 2019 by Chris

Highlights from the VidCon 2019 Creator Track. From how much does a video with 16 million views earn, to how to make thumbnails that people actually click on. This is VidCon’s 10th year. What started in a basement ballroom is now the superbowl of social media conferences. Its held in Anaheim, across from Disneyland.

1 – How to make money on YouTube
2 – Collabs
3 – Know your Camera
4 – Comments
5 – Analytics with MatPat
6 – Growth Hacking with Youtube Studio
7 – How to rank in search with VIDIQ
8 – Editing is Everything
9 – Viral Videos
10 – Video Thumbnails


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