Weird Las Vegas

Published on September 30, 2017 by Chris

10 weird attractions in Las Vegas Nevada. As a huge tourist destination, Las Vegas has a range of unique things to do, and many of them are quite WEIRD! If you are looking for something off the beaten tourist path in Las Vegas, this video is for you! Some of the weird things in Las Vegas include:

Denny’s with a wedding Chapel on Fremont Street. The Denny’s Wedding Chapel is a bargain at only $95 per Wedding! Since it is one of the most visited Denny’s locations in the city, expect a decent wait before being seated if you aren’t getting married and just want pancakes!

The Gamblers General Store is the largest gambling store in the entire world. With over 5,000 gambling related items from custom poker chips to casino-quality equipment.

At The Strip Gun Club guests can shoot automatic weapons, handguns, shotguns and rifles. They even cater to bachelor and bachelorette parties.

In the Men’s Bathroom at Main Street Station the urinals are built on a section of the Berlin Wall. Women may be allowed in at the discretion of the bathroom attendant.
Axe Monkeys is Las Vegas’ first and only, and North America’s premiere axe throwing facility! Axe Monkeys has 23 indoor axe throwing lanes, where you can learn to throw from the Axe Monkey trainers, practice and have fun.

REVIV Wellness is located in the Underground of MGM Grand and they offer 5 different hydrating IV Infusions and 4 different energy & wellness Booster Shots. These wellness treatments will replenish, restore and revitalize your wellness during your stay in Las Vegas.

Dig This is a place where you can rent big machines to dig things. Want to shoot a gun at the same time? You can do that too! Bullddozer to make piles of dirt, Excavator, and crush a car! Starts at $189

The Flamingo Habitat at the Flamingo hotel is home to a wide array of wildlife situated on 15 acres of lush tropical grounds in the middle of the hotel. Animals include parrots, swans, hummingbirds, pelicans, turtles, koi fish, and, a flock of flamboyant flamingos.


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