What to Pack for Japan – 25 Essentials

Published on May 15, 2018 by Chris

Going to Japan? What should you pack? Here are 25 essential items you should pack when you are going to Japan! EXPAND DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO.
First what to put in your luggage:

1 – Shoes that are easy to take off – Many attractions like temples and restaurants require you take off your shoes — and socks that don’t look ugly since people will be seeing them. (Giveaway)

2- Big Slippers if you have big feet

3- Small Luggage – Pack Light because there isn’t much space on the Shinkansen – My favorite is Rimowa.

4- Clothes — Smart Casual — Layers so you can take them off on the train if its too hot. Trains in the winter are usually heated to be quite warm.

5- OTC Meds you might want

6- Print outs of your flights and hotel reservations

7- Maps for your hotels and attractions printed from Japanese websites with destination names in Japanese

8- Credit Card & ATM Card with No Foreign Transaction Fees

9- JR Pass Exchange Order (if you bought one)

10 – Drivers License and International Drivers Permit

11 – Wrist Watch to know the time for catching trains

12 – Folding Duffel Bag for all the extra stuff you buy

13 – Day Bag like a Shoulder Bag or small backpack – You’ll be out in the city.. man purse

What to carry in your bag (You can buy many of these in Japan)

14 – Cash

15 – Coin Purse

16 – Passport for tax free discounts

17 – Towel/Handkerchief/Kleenex/Paper Towels

18 – Hand Sanitizer because soap isn’t common

19 – Plastic Bag for your trash

20 – Smart Phone / Pocket Wifi / Battery Pack

21 – Phone Apps: Hyperdia and Google Translate

22 – JR Pass / Suica Card

23 – Subway/train map. City map.

24 – Hotel name in Japanese. Destination in Japanese.

25 – Umbrella (Buy for 500 Yen in Japan)

26 – Fork if you can’t do chopsticks

What you DON’T Need to pack:

Power Adaptor if you’re coming from the US


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