Yellow Productions Rewind: 2019 in Review & Best Videos

Published on December 9, 2019 by

An annual tradition where I recap the best videos of the year, share some behind the scenes commentary and tell some interesting stories about the year, in this case 2019!

146 Videos this year!
1.5 Million Watch Hours in 2019, up from 58 million watch minutes in 2018 (Youtube changed the metric)
15 Million Views up from 10 million in 2018
33,000 Comments up from 24K comments.
84,000 new subscribers up from 59K in 2018
Up to 834 Videos Total

Notable Milestone 1: 100K Subscribers
Notable Milestone 2: Worst Hotels in Vegas passed 2 Million Views
Notable Milestone 3: Guest on a Japanese TV Show on Round 1

Big trips:
Zion National Park & Las Vegas
A week in Korea for a Youtuber Trip (I’m a Youtuber now!)
A week in London
Santa Cruz – San Francisco Bay Area

New equipment:
Sennheiser AVX Microphone Setup (Used for videos with more than just me)

The Launch of the Office Survival Guide Channel:

Macgyver the Bunny’s Instagram:
Enchanted Production Studio Instagram (Food):


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