Yokohama Chinatown Travel Guide

Published on March 20, 2016 by

A travel guide for visiting Chinatown in Yokohama Japan. Yokohama Chinatown, encompassing 600 stores and restaurants in a 10 block radius is one of the largest, and cleanest Chinatown’s outside of China. And Dim-Sum (Manchiro Tenshimpo).

Definitely a must visit if you’re in Yokohama, this is also an easy day-trip from Tokyo.

In this video I start on Yokohama’s main pedestrian street, a super busy street of Chinese restaurants and Souvenir shops. Panda related merchandise is particularly popular :). I talk about Chinatown’s Chinese Entrance gates… there are a few of these entrance gates scattered around Chinatown — which makes the neighborhood really easy to find. The Yokohama Business district often has special events, the special event when we were there was to celebrate Taiwan, and they had a number of groups doing the “Lion Dance”, banging drums, and lighting off firecracks. Each lion would go in to a different store or restaurant to ward off the evil spirits.

Yokohama Chinatown is great for Dim-Sum. We stopped in to Manchiro Tenshimpo for their 12 course Dim-Sum set. Dim-sum is a cool experience in Japan, because they serve it “Japanese Style” — on course at a time. If Dim-Sum isn’t your thing, walk around and check out all the plastic food in the store windows. Really easy to pick something you like when you can see the food. It’s the first time I’ve seen a plastic Peking Duck!


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