YouTube Life – How I Run My Channel

Published on November 14, 2017 by Chris

Behind the scenes of how I run my travel channel, Yellow Productions. From how I plan out my videos, shooting the video and get it on Youtube, to ongoing activities of “running” the channel like Youtube Analytics.

1- It’s not my full time job, it’s a “hobby”
Yes, Youtube pays a little from Ads, but it’s not really income
2- But now that I upload 2 videos per week, it’s a hobby that takes alot of time
3- Planning videos
Research (What’s interesting, and not covered already)
4- Shooting the video
5- Taking the thumbnail picture
6- Coming up with a title
7- Editing the video
8- Rendering the video, upload to Youtube
9- Write description, cards, end cards
10- Edit the thumbnail
11- Activate the video
12- Update playlists
13- Update the channel
14- Share on social media

Fiendishly review Youtube Analytics
Read / Respond to comments
Learn about new Youtube things — Vidcon!
Live Streams
Re-capitalize equipment / software

NEXT LIVE STREAM: Monday November 20, 2017 @ 8PM Los Angeles Time.

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