10 Must-Visit Places & Hidden Gems in Fukushima Japan

Published on March 6, 2020 by

In this video I’ll share with you ten must-see attractions and hidden gems in Fukushima Prefecture Japan. Fukushima is a popular destination to enjoy nature, visit castle towns, experience samurai culture, bathe in hot spring waters, pick seasonal fruits, and more! You’ll know plenty of things to do in Fukushima after watching this video!

1. Ouchijuku — Watch my full video on Ouchijuku here: https://youtu.be/5wewgSVYs4s

2. The cat stationmaster @ Ashinomaki Onsen Station

3&4. Yunokami Onsen Station & Footbath

5. Aizu Wakamatsu Castle & Nanokamachi Street

6. See Splashing Ice @ Lake Inawashiro

7. Snowshoeing @ Sohara Lake

8. Visit an Onsen Town (Iizaka Onsen)

9. Fruit Picking

10. Big-I Observatory and World’s Tallest Planetarium


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