10 Weird Things to Do in London

Published on August 10, 2018 by

10 weird attractions in London. As a huge tourist destination, London has a range of unique things to do, and many of them are quite WEIRD! If you are looking for something off the beaten tourist path in London this video is for you! Some of the unique and weird attractions in London include: 1) The London Nose at the Admiralty Arch by Trafalgar Square.
2 – London’s Smallest Police Station
– So small it could only hold 2 officers!
3 – The Old Operating Theatre Museum
– Hidden away in the attic of a church near Tower Bridge
4 – Wellcome Collection
A “free visitor destination for the incurably curious”, the Wellcome Collection boasts a raft of weird objects, including an ancient mummy, Napoleon’s toothbrush, Darwin’s walking stick, and a DNA sequencing robot.
5 – Grant Museum of Zoology
This zoological museum, the only one of its kind in London, is full of display cases stuffed to the gunnels with animal skeletons, taxidermy specimens and creatures preserved in fluid.

6 – Sleep with Lions at the Gir Lion Lodge at the London Zoo
– This hotel in INSIDE the London Zoo — sleep NEAR (not with) the Lions.

7 – Sir John Soane’s Museum
When he wasn’t designing notable buildings (among them the original Bank of England), Sir John Soane (1753-1837) obsessively collected art, furniture and architectural ornamentation… and this is his house, now a museum.

9 – Tate Modern
– I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail from modern art fans on this one… but visit Tate Modern for some weird art.

10 – London Loo Tours
London’s best and only public lavatory-themed walking tour.


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