10 Weird Things to Do in New York City

Published on May 25, 2018 by

10 weird attractions in New York City. As a huge tourist destination, NYC has a range of unique things to do, and many of them are quite WEIRD! If you are looking for something off the beaten tourist path in New York City, this video is for you! Some of the weird things in New York City include: 1 – The Mmuseumm, which is a tiny museum housed in a New York freight elevator specializes in the “overlooked, dismissed, or ignored.”

2 – The Evolution Store in Soho
It’s like the Museum of Natural History except you can buy what’s on display!

3 – Doyers Street
A 200-foot-long (61 m) street in the heart of Chinatown. It is one block in length and has a sharp bend in the middle. For a time, its sharp curve earned Doyle Street the nickname of “Bloody Angle,” as it was the site of numerous gang street battles and murders.

4 – City Hall Station
A beautiful and abandoned New York subway station from 1904, complete with chandelier. Built as part of the original NYC Subway line, this was one of the most beautiful but least used stations.

5- Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins
A crumbling hospital from the 1850s on Roosevelt Island.

6 – New York Earth Room
280,000 pounds of Manhattan dirt, filling a 3,600-square-foot room.

7 – The Slipper Room
The Slipper Room is one of the city’s more popular theater and nightlife lounges that features some of the most interesting shows in New York City. Here you’ll find burlesque and variety shows that have been around since 1999. It’s home to magicians, aerialists, burlesque performers, comedians, musicians, and fire performers.

8 – Coney Island Circus Sideshow
It’s where you can see a proper sideshow, with acts like a human blockhead, a sword-swallower, a contortionist, and more

9 – Joe Allen Restaurant
Dine Among Broadway flops at Joe Allen. Situated in Broadway, Joe Allen is the perfect place for pre-theatre dining.

10 – The Morris-Jumel Mansion
Known as one of most haunted place in New York City.


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