11 Reasons to Visit Bangkok Thailand

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I just came back from Bangkok, and wanted to share 11 reasons that you should consider going to Bangkok in Thailand! From the food, amazing hotels, friendliness of the Thai people, the culture, the history, there are tons of reasons to visit Bangkok!

1. Food

– Thai food is popular around the world, but come here to eat REAL Thai food
Curries, Noodles, but try something new like Durian, and oh so much more!
Huge river prawns
Thai Iced Thai
Coconut everything, drinks, ice cream
Mango Everything, Mango Sticky Rice, Mango Drinks, etc.
Yes, the Pad Thai is better here!
Tip Sammai pad thai
Oddly enough, McDonalds is everywhere in Bangkok

– Stayed away from food on the street, and stuck to food courts, stalls, places generally with running water

2. Cheap

– Thailand is famously cheap, and I didn’t really appreciate how cheap it was until we were actually there.
– Exchange rate is about 1 USD to 32 Thai Baht
You can get a plate of noodles, or a curry for 30 Baht no problem!
You can try a lot of different things, and since it’s only a buck, who cares if it isn’t good or you don’t eat it all?
Want a whole coconut to drink from? 40 Baht. Might be $5-10 in the US for that coconut
We eat tons of Mango Sticky Rice since it was like $1 USD a portion
Most of our cheap meals for 2 people were on average about $5
– Taxi rides… a 40 minute taxi ride cost 100 Baht, that’s 4 bucks!
Bottled water…. at the airport, 7 Baht, 30 cents!
Sky Train, starts at like 16 Baht… 50 cents a ride
Ferry ride across the river, 4 Baht.

3. Luxury experiences

– High end dining, personal drivers, the kind of things you could never afford back home are reasonably priced in Bangkok

4. Temples

Old and New
The Royal Palace — this is the one place that isn’t cheap! It cost 500 Baht to enter. What???
But the Royal Palace was totally over the top! Gold, gold, and more gold!
Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)
Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha)
By the way, I think all the Buddhas are reclining because it’s soooo hot!

5. Ayuthaya

– The former capital of Siam, a great day trip from Bangkok!

6. Legendary 5 star hotel service

Everybody says the 5 star hotels have amazing service, they do!
The JW Marriott Bangkok was amazing!

7. Cooking classes
One of the most popular things to do in Bangkok is to take a cooking class
Learn how to cook your favorite Thai dishes

8. Shopping

– Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest outdoor market in Southeast Asia with 15,000 vendors
Asiatique is a great option if you can’t make it to Chatuchak, it’s a night market, and the best option is to get there by boat
Tons of upscale shopping near Siam station

9. Massage

It’s everywhere in Bangkok! And it’s cheap!
You could even take a massage class and learn how to massage!

10. Thai people are super friendly!

Even the ones that try to scam you!

11. Because it’s Bangkok and it’s famous! Everybody has some Bangkok story, you should have yours!


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