11 Things I Love About Traveling to Singapore

Published on August 28, 2018 by

Singapore is one of my favorite travel destinations in the world. I share with you my top 11 reasons why I love traveling to Singapore. The producer of Crazy Rich Asians said that movie was his “love letter” to Singapore — which inspired me to make this video!

1 – The Food!
Hawker Centres, Food Courts (for A/C),
Clean, don’t have to worry about getting sick
Laksa, Noodles, Satay, Fruit Juices
Pack of tissue to “chope” a seat

2 – It’s a great Mileage Run!
Regularly $600 round trip from LAX

3- Changi Airport
Butterflies, Koi Fish, Movie Theatre, 3-story slide, 24 hour food courts

4- Singapore Airlines
Satay in Flight — their lounges are amazing! Dim Sum! Singapore Girl dress, since 1972

5- The Gardens
Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest Dome, Supertrees, Skywalk, Botanic Garden (1,200 species of orchids, 4.5 million visitors per year)

6- Hotels
Marriott on Orchard Road, Conrad in the CBD

7- Public Transit
MRT is well signposted, easy to navigate and air-conditioned (refuge from hot-steamy weather above), most attractions within walking distance of the MRT. Polite Passengers, Cheap: 2 day pass is $16, and it’s on time. Just don’t drink, eat, or bring on a durian!
Taxis are easy to get: 30,000 official taxis servicing a population of fewer than 5.5 million people
8- Urban Hiking
Singapore Southern Ridges Trail — you’re never far from an MRT

9- Singapore Zoo
I think it’s the best in the world!

10- Multiculture
combination of Asian and European cultures. Influenced by Malay, South Asian, East Asian, and Eurasian cultures, Singapore has been dubbed as a country where “East meets West”

Singapore population is 74.2% Chinese, 13.3% Malay, 9.2% Indian and 3.3% other. It’s also the most religiously diverse nation in the world, its population made up of sizable portions of Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus.

In Singapore’s hawker centres, for example, traditionally Malay hawker stalls selling also Tamil food. Chinese stalls may introduce Malay ingredients, cooking techniques or entire dishes into their range of catering.

More than seven in 10 Singaporeans believe personal success is independent of race or ethnicity

11 – Don’t need to pack any winter clothes
Nobody complains about being cold! (well as long as they are outside)


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