11 Worst Tourist Scams in Bangkok Thailand

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Bangkok is a city famous for scamming tourists. Watch this video before you trip to prepare yourself so you won’t be a victim. With 20 million tourists every year, you better believe there are folks out to scam you. I am not telling you to avoid Bangkok. I will be telling you how to visit Bangkok and not get scammed, so that you’ll enjoy your Bangkok trip more! Nothing puts a damper on a good vacation than being victim to a scam.

– Grand Palace is closed
Don’t trust anyone that tells you this or that is closed today , go ahead with your plans and find out yourself if it really is closed. Chances are it’s not. They want to take you to their special palace, which also includes a stop at some jewelry shop that the scammer gets a kick-back on.

– Fixed Price Taxis
Walking down the street, you will hear parked taxi drivers and tuk-tuk drivers call out, “Where are you going?” “You need a lift?” Etc.
This is normal. Just smile, say no thanks and keep walking. Hail a taxi that is already on the street and always use the meter(if you need a taxi.). Or use uber or grab.
You’ll encounter this scam upon arrival at BKK airport, avoid the touts lurking on Level 1. Go to the official taxi stand.
Oh, and Tuk Tuks will cost 3-5x the price of taxis

– Taxis that take you to a place that “sounds” the same
For example: Sombondee Seafood Market instead of the famous Somboon Seafood
Make sure you know the exact name of the place you’re going; don’t just settle for a place that sounds similar
Or taxis that offer to take you some place “extra” for a discount — it will also be a place where they get fuel coupons or kick-backs.

– Massage Shop Scam
In touristy areas you’ll see massage shop managers roaming the areas looking for customers. They tell you about a deal, take you to the shop, tell you to pay them in front of the shop. The “manager” leaves to look for more customers, you go in to the shop, only to be asked to pay again at the end of the service. The “manager” didn’t really work there.

Bird Food Scam
In front of the Royal Palace, someone will hand you a bag of bird food, and show you how to feed the birds. Only afterwards then tell you that bird food cost 300 Thai Baht!

– Wrong Change

Convenience store clerks in touristy areas scam tourists by giving you the wrong change because you don’t know what Thai money looks like. Always count your change before leaving the counter.

– ATM Currency Conversion:

– Pickpockets

– Tour packages from “Tourism Authority of Thailand”

– beware the friendly stranger , the one who starts chatting to you out of the blue.

– Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
This place is #6 on CNNs list of “Worlds Worst Tourist Traps”

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