13 Worst Wastes of Your Time in Las Vegas

Published on February 16, 2023 by

Las Vegas has so many great things to do, but there’s also a ton of distractions trying to waste your time and take away from your actual vacation. These are the 13 most common ways that visitors waste their time in Las Vegas. The first is waiting in line for buffet, especially on holiday weekends. So, you’re in Vegas on Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc, and you want to eat at the buffet. Guess what, so does everyone else. That line at the Bellagio Buffet might be 3 hours long! *IF* you are planning to eat at a buffet then eat at one that takes reservations: Caesars Palace and the Wynn, Cosmopolitan. Though you’ll want to make those reservations a month or 2 in advance. Really.


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