17 Reasons to Travel to Japan

Published on February 25, 2020 by

I often get asked why I like to travel to Japan so much. In this video I share 20 reasons why I like to travel to Japan. From the amazing futuristic cities, to the samurai history, and of course the amazing food. Japan is easy to travel to, with amazing public transportation, bullet trains, and it’s one of the safest places you can go!

1 – Amazing futuristic cities
Shibuya Crossing looks like something from Blade Runner

2 – History
Amazing temples
Many built without any nails

3 – Safety

4 – Transportation
Public transit takes you almost anywhere
Always on time
Shinkansen is amazing
Drivers are polite

5 – Tourism infrastructure
Tourist information at every big train station
Maps galore
Public toilets

6 – Sushi
I never used to like Sushi
Until I went to Japan

7 – Everything else besides sushi
Noodles (Soba, Udon, Ramen)
Ice Cream
Matcha Desserts
French desserts

8 – Beer and Sake
I generally dont like alcoholic drinks
But beer and sake in Japan is good. And inexpensive.

9 – Convenience Stores
The best in the world
It’s all fresh
Every 2 blocks in Tokyo

10 -Vending machines
Every half block

11 – Onsen hotels
Japanese hot spring hotels
Our favorite region is Kyushu

12 – Shopping
There is simply stuff in Japan that you cant get out of Japan
Ocgirl likes the cosmetics
Tokyu Hands

13 – Cherry Blossoms
They are beautiful
Hanami – parties
Matsuri – Festivals

14 – Animals
Deer of Nara Japan
Snow Monkeys (Nagano)
Cat Station Master in Fukushima
Rabbit Island
Cat Island

15 – Fruit
Its expensive.. but it will be the best fruit you’ve had
Strawberries, melons, grapes

16 – Robots

17 – I’ve got more videos: Browse my Japan playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL14F9F774CE8798C3


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