21 MYTHS and Misconceptions About LAS VEGAS

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Debunking many of the common myths and misconceptions about Las Vegas. Do really pump oxygen in to the air to get you to gamble more? Is a Jackpot more likely to occur when the payout is big? Is the Las Vegas “dry heat” really better than a “wet heat”? I’ll answer these questions and more!

Show Notes:

1 – That people only come to Las Vegas to gamble
Casinos today make only about 37% of their revenue from gambling… declining pretty steadily since 1999, when it was 50%.”

What makes up for that loss? Higher room rates, more expensive restaurants, more expensive show tickets, and more expensive drinks at the nightclubs… and of course fees! Resort fees.. Parking fees… the fee to process your payment for the fee.

2 – Las Vegas is Cheap
I consistently get people who comment about how expensive Vegas is now… or about how much money I spent and how they could do it cheaper. While it is still possible to do Vegas cheap… it is NOT a cheap destination. Particularly if you’re hanging out on the Las Vegas Strip… those $6 bottles of water add up! Buffets are no longer $10…. They’ve all gone high end. Bacchanal is going to cost you $80+. Literally all the cheap buffets close during the pandemic and are unlikely to reopen. Casinos are no longer willing to offer “loss leader” type offerings.

3 – Penny Slots cost 1 cent to play
Not anymore… the way “penny” slots work is for every penny in you get 1 credit, but most of these machines have some minimum spin requirements, even as high as 70 “pennies”

4 – That a jackpot that hasn’t been hit in awhile is due
This is known as the gamblers fallacy. The jackpot is just as likely to hit at any time, even if it just hit… or last hit 10 years ago. So if you get gambling advice on Roulette to wait for three reds in roulette and then betting on black you might want to find a different source for your advice. What about doubling your bet after you lose? That doesn’t work any better

5 – That Las Vegas is Always Hot
People are always surprised when they visit Vegas between November and February and realize it’s quite cold, and they need long pants, AND a jacket. The dry desert winds can really give you a bone chill quick. Night time lows in the winter can get down in to the 30’s… nearly freezing. Some Winters Las Vegas can even get snow! Yup!

6 – You won’t feel the heat, because it is a “dry heat.”
Oh trust me.. In the summer you feel it… and it’s hot.

7 – Summertime is the slow season
Not so much… summer can be quite busy. The “slow” season is when there isn’t a convention in town. And the 2 weeks of December before Christmas.

8 – What happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas
Nope… it gets posted on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok… and it follows you home! Some restaurants like the Mayfair supper club have a no photography policy. Is it because they want to keep their food secret? I don’t think so… it’s likely for the privacy of the patrons… so if a wealthy person is there with their side fling… that the pictures don’t make it “back home”. Or at least not easily… or in the case of us YouTubers running cameras… not mistakenly.

9 – That everything to see in Las Vegas is on the Las Vegas Strip
Wow… there’s so much more to see beyond the strip. Downtown Vegas’ Freemont Street Experience Vivavision screen has to be seen at least once. And so does the fire breathing Praying Mantis downtown. One of my new favorite attractions, Area 15 is located on the other side of the 15 from the strip. From Red Rock Canyon, to the Hoover Dam, there’s tons to see around Las Vegas too.

10 – The shows in Las Vegas are for has-been stars

11 – That Vegas is an Adult Only Destination

12 – That you can drink alcohol anywhere in Las Vegas

13 – Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas

15 – That people who live in Las Vegas party all the time

16 – That locals in Vegas live in hotels

17 – That the casino host is just there to give out free stuff

18 – That Las Vegas is Dirty

19 – That there’s no culture in Vegas

20 – Snakes and Scorpions are everywhere

21 – It’s all fast food and buffets


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