27 Things I No Longer Buy as a Frequent Traveler

Published on July 14, 2020 by

Now that I’ve traveled the world and become more wise, these are some things that I no longer buy and some types of food that I no longer eat. Hopefully some of the things I’ve learned throughout my travels can help you stop wasting money on things that you probably don’t need either. REMINDER: I will be hosting the first Yellow Productions Crew virtual fan meet-up on July 17 from 3:30pm-5:00pm Los Angeles Time. This will be a ticketed event ($10) limited to 15 fans to ensure plenty of interaction. We’ll be using a new Google service to do virtual meetups with 2-way interactive video and audio. This will be better than just asking questions via chat, you’ll be on video too! You’ll be able to join from your phone or computer with a link, no app download required. Want to join in? Get your tickets here: https://fundo.area120.com/yellowproductions


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