33 Things That Surprise First-Time Visitors in Japan

Published on January 28, 2020 by

Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit, but the first time I traveled to Japan I was shocked by many things in this land of the rising sun. Compared to the USA, Japan is a truly a foreign land with amazing vending machines, hi-tech toilets, massively crowded train stations, and super tiny hotel rooms. After you watch this video you’ll be prepared to embrace Japan’s culture, and not be as shocked by it!

1 – Toilets have a bidet function
2 – Taxi doors open automatically
3 – Vending machines everywhere and they are amazing!
4 – Vending Machines at restaurants
5 – Convenience stores and Drug stores everywhere
6 – Insane Prices
7 – Excessive Packing
8 – And their stores close really early
9 – And their ATMS close too
10 – Mostly cash based
11 – Where is the dinner plate?
12 – There is more to Japanese food than Sushi
13 – The drink size in Japan is tiny
14 – Plastic Chopsticks
15 – Drinking is a national sport
16 – Tipping
17 – Smoking in public is still a thing
18 – People sleep everywhere
19 – Hotel rooms are tiny
20- Pillows are hard
21- Swim caps for swimming pools
22- Toilet shoes
In traditional Japanese style hotels you will find slippers for the toilet. Sometimes at Japanese places of business. Definitely take off your shoes if you are entering someones home.

23- No towels in public bathrooms
every Japanese child is brought up to always have a handkerchief on them at all times

24- Crowded train stations
And yes… they really do push you on to the train. Prepare to have no personal space.
There’s a whole train etiquette… don’t talk on the train… don’t put your butt in peoples faces. Watch my video on how to ride trains in Tokyo.

25- Face Masks

26- Everybody is always dressed up
Men in business suits, women in high heels, all the time.

27- Everything is on time
Trains, planes, automobiles
Even hotel check-in (3pm)
Dinner reservation (6pm sharp)
Store opening times, closing times.

28- Lack of trash cans
There are very few public trash cans… you are expected to carry your trash with you and bring it back to your home/hotel. Find trash cans at convenience stores.

29 – Purses left to save seats

30 – Little Kids Walking to School by Themselves

31 – French maids on the street

32 – Japanglish

33 – How helpful the Japanese are to foreign tourists

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