7 Delicious Almond Delicacies in California’s Central Valley

Published on March 3, 2022 by

With 80% of the world’s Almonds being produced in California, there are some really tasty Almond foods being created in the central valley of California. I sample 7 of the region’s delicacies made from almonds including a delicious milkshake made with with almond butter, tasty roasted almonds, and even an ice cream sandwich made with olive oil and almond cookies!


00:00 Almond Delicacies in California’s Central Valley
00:18 #1 Almonds at Rodin Farms in Modesto
01:41 #2 Orange Honey Almonds at California Fruit Depot in Bakersfield
02:35 #3 Almond Butter at Naturally Nuts in Visalia
05:05 #4 Almond Butter Milkshake at Roberts Ferry Gourmet in Oakdale
06:12 #5 Almond Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich at Seka Hills in Yolo County
08:21 #6 Cheese Pie with Almond Crust at Hilmar Cheese in Hilmar
10:03 #7 Almond Everything at Blue Diamond in Modesto
14:32 #8 Almond Honey at The Hive in Yolo County
15:08 Conclusion


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