9 Reasons Why Traveling Makes YOU Better at Work

Published on September 4, 2019 by

Yes it’s true! Traveling makes you better at work! First reason: A happy employee is a good employee. The US Travel Association conducted a study that found that taking time off leads to higher moral, and overall higher productivity. Travel improves happiness with the company you work for, the job itself, and even your relationships. This even works if you’re a small business owner! A study from Intuit Corporation (that makes Turbotax and Quicken) found that 82 percent of small business owners experienced an increase in their own performance after returning from a vacation.

2 – More creative

A study from the University of British Columbia found that as our mind wanders, brain areas associated with complex problem-solving are highly active. This can lead to eureka moments: flashes of insight that come out of periods when the mind isn’t focused on the problem.

Traveling places us in environments where we’re exposed to different ways of thinking, which can inspire us to solve our problems in ways we would’ve never considered before.

3 – Communication Skills

We all know communicating at work isn’t easy. Well it’s harder when you’re traveling and people speak a different language, verbal and body language. While traveling you will definitely have communication challenges. You need to learn how to communicate simply, and without words. Overcoming those communication challenges and barriers can help you back at work.

Travelers know how to communicate with anyone, including the CEOs of multimillion-dollar corporations, regardless of status, age or ethnicity, because they know how to find common grounds with others.

4 – Management Skills

Budget, Schedule, organization

Where to go, when to go, with whom.

To be a good traveler you have to be a good planner.

5 – Problem Solving Skills

Travel often has hiccups, delayed flights, bad weather, AirBNBs that don’t exist. The plan rarely goes according to plan… working through these travel issues increases your problem solving skills.

6 – Being worldly is impressive

7 – It’s good for your boss to miss you

Assuming you do a great job at work, they’ll appreciate you that much more when you come back from some time off. If you never leave, they might never know all the stuff that you do.

You won’t seem lazy, because you’ll have watch my video about how to be seem lazy at work

8 – Helps you get promoted

Really… people who leave their vacation unused are 23 to 27 percent less likely to receive a promotion, and 78 to 84 percent less likely to receive a raise or bonus compared to those who do take their deserved time away.

9 – It’s good for your health

You can spend time on your vacation to go for a swim, hit the gym, go for a walk, get some fresh air, eat right. Do all the things you want to do but can’t because you’re chained to your desk. What’s a healthier vacation, Hawaii, or New York City?


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