Best Phone for Vlogging: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Review

Published on February 26, 2021 by

A review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra focused on the camera’s video capabilities. This is the best smart phone that I have ever used when it comes to shooting video. The S21 Ultra solves many of the camera problems from the previous S20 Ultra and adds some interesting new modes including Portrait Video, Directors Mode, and 8K video. My favorite new addition is the selfie camera that finally shoots in 4K.

00:00 – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Overview
01:03 – 4K Selfie Camera
01:36 – Camera Selection & Switching
02:38 – Video Quality
03:43 – Directors View
05:16 – Portrait Video
05:52 – Super Slomo
06:17 – Hyperlapse
06:34 – Single Take
06:54 – Pro Video
07:33 – Audio Capabilities – Bluetooth and USB
09:32 – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cons
12:31 – Recommended Accessories
14:28 – Conclusion


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