California Reopening Update: Onsite Dining Returns!

Published on February 5, 2021 by

What’s it like in California right now? The past year in California has been full of lockdowns and rollback but now that the regional stay at home order has been lifted we appear to be on a positive opening trend. Now it’s still confusing because there is a web of State, County, and City orders that make it really confusing to often tell what’s really open and closed. In addition to telling you what the current “rules” are… I’ll also tell you what it’s like in reality. Every county is assigned a tier from the state… 54 of California’s 58 counties are in the purple, which is the most restrictive tier. Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area are known for imposing even further restrictions. And cities in Orange County are known for not really enforcing much of this.


00:00 – What is California like right now?
00:27 – Onsite Dining
03:31 – Hotels are reopen
04:17 – Theme Parks are still closed
06:12 – Bars and Wineries are kinda open
06:49 – Beaches, Parks, Hiking
07:57 – Museums, Zoos, Aquariums
09:06 – Farmers Markets
09:38 – Casinos
10:00 – Check opening and closing times
10:30 – Plan to do lots of outdoorsy things


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