Cloth Masks BANNED on Lufthansa Airlines – #Shorts

Published on January 28, 2021 by

Effective Feb 1 Lufthansa will no longer allow “everyday cloth masks” and will instead require passengers to wear either a surgical mask or an FFP2 mask or mask with the KN95/N95 standard during boarding, the flight and when leaving the aircraft. And in particular, ones without valves. The airline said, “In principle, infection on board is very unlikely. All Lufthansa Group aircraft are equipped with the highest quality air filters, which ensure air quality similar to that in an operating theatre. In addition, the air circulates vertically instead of being dispersed throughout the cabin.”

So why are they doing it? Well… Germany recently passed a regulation that requires medical masks on all public transportation and in shops due to fears of the most recent virus mutation.

Austrian Airlines (which is also owned by Lufthansa) has gone one step further and is only allowing FFP2 masks starting Jan 25.. that means no surgical masks on Austrian Airlines. So if you haven’t stocked up on N95 masks.. now might be the time!


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