Disneyland – 10 Things To Know Before You Go To

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Things YOU need to know before you visit Disneyland in Anaheim California. First, buy your Disneyland tickets in advance. The worst place to buy tickets is at the front gate. The front gate ticket booths always have long lines, and they are the most expensive.

2. Theme Park Layout – Two Theme Parks, Disneyland and California Adventure. Downtown Disney with shopping and hotels.

3. When to go to avoid crowds – Avoid Christmas and the height of the summer. Use a crowd tracker website to gauge how busy it will be. Rainy days are awesome! Mornings are the least busy.

4&5. Food – My favorite food item at Disneyland is the Earl’s Club Sandwich at the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. In the Disneyland Theme Park my favorite is the fried chicken at the Plaza Inn. I also enjoy the corn dogs, and the gumbo.

6. Lines & Rides – Yes, you will be waiting in lines when you come to Disneyland. Make smart use of the fast pass. For $10 extra a day you can buy a Max Pass which lets you get fast-passes from your mobile phone.

7. Stroller Parking – Designated stroller parking, but don’t leave any valuables on the strollers.

8. Shows – Disneyland has great shows, but one of the neatest things about the park are the pop-up shows, parades, bands. Enjoy them! Fantasmic and World of Color are the “big” shows.

9. Shopping – Coolest gift shops are in New Orleans. Many stores have unique items in them — so if you like shopping visit all the stores.

10. Downtown Disney – some of the best restaurants are here, movie theater, and 2 hotels.

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