GoPro Fusion 360 Camera DETAILED Review After 6 Months

Published on December 1, 2018 by

After 6 months of owning and using the GoPro Fusion 360 Camera I am reviewing it, and sharing my tips for creating 360 videos for Youtube with the GoPro Fusion Camera. I provide an overall description of the GoPro Fusion Hardware, how to use the GoPro Fusion, and how to edit the 360 video that comes off of the GoPro Fusion. SHOW NOTES BELOW:

Hardware description:
Selfie Stick + Tripod
You need to buy 2 memory cards
I bought an external charger
And wifi remote

How it works:
2 wide angle go pro cameras stuck together
2 SD cards
360 microphones
Stitch after on mobile or computer
5K video files
But YouTube processes as 4K

Using it:
With the buttons (This is how I use it)
Gopro Voice (I turned this off)
Wifi remote
Gopro App
Pro: Screen gives you status
Pro: Don’t have to use the app
CON: It overheats
CON: Can’t really see what you’re doing
CON: Can’t really review it onsite
CON: Microphone is awful
Tip: Record audio separately

Post production:
On the mobile app
Or Fusion Studio
Plug it in via USB or copy the files to your PC then stitch
Bunch of stitching options
Rotate, color, 2D version
CON: Takes a long time to stitch and download
5K good for editing
4K good for uploading
CON: Audio is always too low
So I drop it in premiere
Either to boost audio
Or add external audio
Usually center myself
Export from premiere to MP4 VBR 2 pass 30 to 60 mbps

Final thoughts:
Great picture quality
Small, easy to carry
Lousy audio
Hard to use
But the picture is amazing


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