Hawaii is Reopening for Travel in October

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Hawaii, the Aloha State, is reopening for travel on October 15. For the past 6 months, if you’ve wanted to travel to Hawaii, you had to quarantine for 14-days. The Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, just announced the long awaited “pre-travel COVID-19 testing program.” This program will allow for quarantine free traveling from the Mainland USA starting October 15 provided travelers test negative for COVID-19 72 hours before their arrival.

Where can you get tested?
You’ll need to get tested at a facility that is contracted with the state of Hawaii. Currently announced are CVS and Kaiser. Hawaii has stated more partners will be announced… and I’ll add them in the pinned comment as they’re announced.

What kind of test is it?
The way things will work, is you’ll make an appointment via the testing providers website, and then you’ll go get a Nucelic Acid Amplifcation Test — that’s the nasal swab. The promise is that you (and the state of Hawaii) will receive test results in time for you to cancel your trip if you are tested positive.

Who pays for the test?
At CVS You do… Kaiser is “considering” offering them free for members

What happens on arrival in Hawaii?
Hawaii lays out 3 potential travel cases:

The arrival temperature check threshold is 100.4F.

By the way.. That “declaration form” should be filled out 24 hours before your departure. Then you show the QR code when you arrive. This needs to be filled out by all adults. You’ll get the QR code via e-mail. You’ll also need a charged and working cell phone so they can call you.

Who needs to get tested?
Everyone of all ages. Hawaii residents, and non residents.

What happens if you’re quarantined?
If you are quarantined you basically can’t leave your lodging… hotel room, air bnb.. Etc. There is a discussion about Kauai implementing a quarantine “resort bubble” that you could enjoy the hotel amenities while you’re under quarantine as long as you wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. No resorts have announced participation in this program yet.

What about testing on arrival?
No testing on arrival will be available on Oct 15. Hawaii is still ramping up their testing for the local population and didn’t want to take the capacity away. But they are considering adding testing on arrival in the future.

What about international travelers?
This still doesn’t help international travelers from places that are currently banned.. Particularly China, EU, UK, Ireland, and Brazil. And the list of approved testing centers

What’s going to be open when you get to Hawaii?
It depends on the current COVID situation at the time… The “stay at home” and closure orders are driven at lower levels of the government… applying to counties and cities. The state isn’t making any promises right now that anything will be open. Right now Oahu has the most COVID cases. Kauai has none.

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