Honest Tips for Traveling in 2021 with Wolter’s World

Published on November 11, 2020 by

n honest discussion with Mark from Wolter’s World and Chris from Yellow Productions about traveling today in the age of the pandemic, with plenty of tips you can use on your next trip, whether for business or pleasure. We’ll be sharing tips on travel safety, cleanliness, flexibility, road tripping, air travel, rv/van travel, eating out smartly, travel restrictions, and more! Watch more of Mark on his channel Wolters World here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFr3sz2t3bDp6Cux08B93KQ

00:00 – Honest Tips for Traveling Today
00:50 – Tip #1: Only travel if you feel comfortable with it
02:55 – Tip #2: Be flexible (have a backup plan)
06:22 – Tip #3: Consider a road trip
14:52 – Tip #4: Plan on lots of outdoor activities (not museums)
21:42 – Tip #5: Bring your own cleaning supplies
29:28 – Tip #6: And bring extra masks and hand sanitizer
31:06 – Tip #7: Check opening and closing times
31:40 – Tip #8: If you plan on eating at restaurants make a reservation
34:46 – Tip #9: But picnics are a great alternative (bring picnic supplies, plates, utensils, etc)
39:56 – Tip #10: Divide and conquer (or divide and stay safe)
42:14 – Tip #11: Research any travel restrictions/testing requirements before you go
47:41 – Tip #12: If you’re flying and want a middle seat make-sure your chosen airline is still blocking them
49:12 – Tip #13: Bring food and drink for your flight
52:30 – Q&A Time


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