How to Complain Effectively at Work

Published on August 24, 2019 by

8 tips on how to have your complaints heard at work. Next time you want to complain at work, follow these tips to have your boss actually hear what you are saying, and maybe even do something about it! And yes, there is a right way, and a wrong way to complain.

Pick and choose your battles
Don’t complain about everything under the sun, only choose the ones that would big a big impact to the organization and are reasonably doable

Complain to the right person
Complaining about a parking issue to the marketing team is a waste of time

Prepare your case
Don’t just bring a monkey to your boss (One of Dave Ramsey’s principles I talked about in my video about Dave Ramsey’s principles to help you win at the office)
Come with a few options as solutions, and how you can help implement the solution

Be prepared you might be the one to resolve the issue
Don’t complain unless you are OK to be in charge of fixing the problem

Listen to your boss
Don’t argue
They might turn you down at first. Listen and understand why and their point of view.
Recompose your thoughts to address their feedback, and come back with an alternative
Your reputation might be against you in this case… if you never listen to anyone else, then they don’t want to listen to you.

Don’t refer to your boss as “management”
Like.. “Does management even realize this is an issue?”
Consider yourself a team… don’t use things that artificially separate your boss from you. You’ll need their help to resolve the issue.


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