How to Get Over YOUR FEAR of Public Speaking

Published on August 24, 2019 by

10 tips to help YOU get over the fear of public speaking so you can be more comfortable giving presentations. First, it’s actually OK to be nervous. Most people that are professional speakers still get nervous when giving presentations, they just harness it to help them do a good job, rather than spiral in to a sweaty ball of uselessness.

2 – Know your material

3 – Practice
Like out loud, in a conference room
By yourself
With other people
Record yourself

4 – Visualize how it will go

5 – Notes

6 – But don’t memorize

7 – Set of stories

8 – Bring water

9 – Take an improv comedy class
Join toastmasters
Start a youtube channel

10 – Don’t point out your mistakes
Most people won’t realize they are mistakes
Realize nothing awful is going to happen to you


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