How to Prepare for a Job Interview – 11 Tips

Published on March 17, 2020 by

Job interviews are some of the most mysterious and stressful events to job seekers. Follow these tips to set yourself above the other candidates so that YOU get the job offer. The difference between getting a job offer and bombing the interview often comes down to one thing: preparation. And in this video, I’ll help you prepare the right way!

1 – Research the company AND the job

2 – Prepare answers to common interview questions
First question is “Tell me about yourself” — you should essentially walk them through your resume, as it applies to this job… focus on accomplishments
Write yourself some notes in bullet points to help remember… but don’t write a script.

3 – Why do you want this job?
Answer should focus on the company, and the position

4 – Why are you the best fit for this job?
This is about your skills, and why the company would like having you there

5 – Why are you leaving your current job?

6 – What accomplishment are you most proud of?

7 – What’s your biggest strength/weakness?

Weakness: Should answer how you are getting better.

8 – Practice — out loud

9 – Practice — with a buddy, mom, dad, bro/sis, spouse

10 – Prepare some questions for them… interviewers often ask if you have a questions for them… you should have some. Something like “Why do you like working here?” NOT “When will I hear back from you?”

11 – Bring your resume…. And a change of clothes — might spill on yourself at lunch, breakfast, coffee.


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