I’ve Uploaded 1,000 Videos to YouTube! What Did I Learn?

Published on May 5, 2021 by

This is my 1000th video that I’ve uploaded to YouTube. What have I learned along the way? I’ll share some things about running a YouTube channel in general, and also specifically about creating travel videos, from planning, to filming, to editting.

#1 – Youtube isn’t a race, it’s a marathon.

Dave Ramsey says: Successful people don’t win at life because they have a magic pill or top-secret information—they work at it for years. Successful people reach their goals by taking small, intentional steps toward those goals every day.

Need to be patient. When nobody is watching.

And the course map changes while you’re running on it. So what worked last year might not work this year. The only constant is change. Growth mindset


#2 – Learned to travel like a YouTuber

Plan out our trips based on videos we want to make. Plan out the videos too.

#3 – Thumbnails are just as important as the video

If the Thumbnail isn’t good..nobody is going to click and watch. This needs to be planned out too. Location and time of day.

#4 – Shoot video based on the final edit

I lay out in an outline what the video is going to look like when it’s done.. and then I shoot what I need for that final video. Makes editing so much easier when I’m not combing through endless clips and trying to figure out how to piece them together.

#5 – Edit backwards to forwards
The best take is usually the last one

#6 – Perfection is the enemy of the good
To get a video out every week, they can’t all be perfect. I have learned to learn as I go.. do something a little better each time. In this video and the Venice one I started using a photo editing tool to make the sky pop based on AI. GROWTH MINDSET.

#7 – ReInvest earnings to save time
That software was $100. But it’ll save me an hour of enhancing the sky in Photoshop each time. I also outsource my subtitles.. they take way too long to type out. Thats time I could be making another video.

#8 – Gear doesn’t matter.. but gear matters
Use whatever to get started.
But to get to the next level in a crowded space it takes gear. And knowing how to use the gear.
This year has been the year of studio gear upgrades for me.
I’ve watched tons of lighting videos over the years.. but never really understood it until now. Spend as much money on lights and sound as your camera.

#9 – Deliver value with every video
I don’t just make the videos for me. I make them for you. And the value of each video is different. Many of my videos the value is definitely information. But during this pandemic I also realized many of you come here for entertainment and to destress by thinking about travel.

#10 – Branding is important
Yellow shirts, font.. you know it’s me.

#11 – It’s important to put down the camera
Easy to shoot all the time. Buts it’s just exhausting

#12 – How to be “myself” on camera
And not a character
Or just a person presenting powerpoint
And how to talk for an hour
Being “social” and having a camera presence

#13 – Series and playlists
People binge watch in a specific area

#14 – Captivate the audience quickly
And make sure they know the video delivers on the title and thumbnail

# Last – That there are some really great people in this world


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