Japans Masked Girls – Kamen Joshi GENKIDANE performed in Osaka FANCAM

Published on April 1, 2018 by

Kamen Joshi (仮面女子), meaning “Masked Girls” in Japanese, performed their most popular song, GenkiDane, in Osaka on January 13, 2018. This song reminds me a little bit like Baby Metal, it’s a combination of heavy metal and cheesy pop music. Kamen Joshi is composed of 18 members that perform in 6 person troops. This is a great example of Japanese “Idol Pop” — but I particularly appreciated the location right on the canal on Dotonbori St. It was pretty neat to see the tourist boats go by during the performance. I was told by a local Japanese person standing next to me at this performance that Kamen Joshi “is quite popular in Osaka right now, and they hope you upload this to the internet” — so… here we go this is my Kamen Joshi Fancam!


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