Joshua Tree National Park Tips: 9 Things to Know

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Everything YOU need to know before you travel to Joshua Tree National Park in California. Joshua Tree is a huge park at 800,000 acres. 2.8 million people visit every year. Its a true desert park with very few amenities inside. Joshua Tree makes a great day trip from Los Angeles and San Diego. And it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from Palm Springs.

Table of contents:
00:00 – 9 Things to Know Before You Go to Joshua Tree National Park

00:16 – 1. Overview
130 miles east of Los Angeles (2 hours), 160 miles North from San Diego (3 hours), 220 miles west of Phoenix.
2 Deserts… the Mojave Desert. Higher and cooler… this is where the Joshua Trees are.
And the Colorado Desert.
Admission fee is $30 per vehicle for everybody in it.. valid for a week.

00:55 – 2. What is a Joshua Tree?
Joshua Tree is a type of Yucca tree in the Agave Family. Average age is about 150 years old.
Legend has it that these trees were named by Mormon Settlers after the biblical figure, Joshua, seeing the limbs of the tree as outstretched in supplication, guiding the travelers westward.
Tallest tree in the park is 40 feet tall

02:19 – 3. How to Get to Joshua Tree National Park
03:21 – 4. Getting Around Joshua Tree National Park
04:22 – 5. When to go to Joshua Tree National Park
05:11 – 6. Things to do in Joshua Tree National Park
07:02 – 7. Food in Joshua Tree National Park
07:37 – 8. Where to stay around Joshua Tree National Park
08:17 – 9. Check out the links in the description for more videos


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